Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Beginning of Everything

I purchased this book at The Festival of books in L.A. It is available for purchase through Amazon as well as Barnes and noble.
The cover looks very great. I love the roller coaster idea. Once you read through the book it is a perfect cover for the way the story is. I honestly think that this book was very well written. Ezra Faulkner gets into a car accident and bam, his whole life flips upside down. Ezra's car accident doesn't necessarily ruin his life, but so much of it is just sort of gone. He can't play tennis, his friends are all on the tennis team, he uses a cane to walk around, and his girlfriend cheated on him. Then he goes to school after his accident and Toby, his childhood friend, sits next to him during the pep rally. Did I mention there's a severed head situation at Disneyland while these two are on a ride? Yeah, Toby catches the severed head. So that's where it all honestly begins, with the friendship these two have is rekindled. So Toby is on the debate team and basically the president of nerds. That is totally not meant in a bad way! He's very interesting and funny. But, since he is the president of the debate team he's a "nerd". Anyways, so then there is Cassidy Thorpe....beautiful and smart. So Cassidy Thorpe is the funny, beautiful, smart and of course, love interest of Ezra Faulkner. Did I mention she is the new girl? So in this book, Ezra is relatable and very likable. He turns his life around in a way that is positive for him. Toby is the funny nerdy guy that anyone could get along with as long as they had a great sense of humor. Then there is Cassidy, the girl that you could easily have as a friend. She's outgoing and funny so that's a great combination. So Cassidy and Ezra are literally the cutest couple and you'll have the feels for sure! Anyways, so the ending to this book is very sad and I hate the idea of it but it happens. Coyotes are my life long enemy now. Anyways, this book ended in a way that you wouldn't have expected...with a gigantic plot twist in the worst way. But honestly, it makes the story so much better and beautiful. Happy reading!

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