Monday, May 25, 2015

A Little Something Different

I purchased this book at my local Target. It is available on You can check out other reviews for this book on ISBN 13: 9781250061775

I love the cover of this book and as you read through it you start to notice that everything on the cover has relevance to parts in the book. So let's start! This story is just captivating. You are constantly so happy and like me, you'll continue to be swooning after you finish reading it! You are filled with feels for the couple that this story revolves around, Gabe and Lea the adorable duo. They have amazing and accidental run ins. They constantly end up at the same places at the same times. They are adorable!!! Anyway, so Gabe and Lea are both in the same creative writing class and they are the teachers pick for her totally private/secret couple of the semester. So Inga, the teacher, tells her wife, Pam, about this couple all the time and Pam totally likes them is invested in this couple now too. Even the baristas at Starbucks are totally invested in this couple! So this story is told from 14 different points of view and I was very sceptical when I first purchased the book because I thought it might get too confusing but the author did very well writing this book! I found all the characters interest in the couple refreshing. Gabe has a big secret and throughout the entire book you get so upset here and there because things are off or they are acting weird. So, I won't ruin the secret for you future readers or current readers, but it is so juicy! Everything starts to come together once you learn the secret. It isn't your regular book where the couple is loving each other the entire book. This book is like the beginning of that, the lovely tidbits of their maybe relationship. So it is basically their dating/not really dating stage. Overall, the book was beautifully written. I completely loved the couple. Did I mention they are adorable? Happy Reading!

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