Friday, May 15, 2015


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I purchased this book at USC while I was there for the book festival. Overall I really was interested with it as soon as I saw it. It says a lot about the book without actually saying something. The book itself is so unpredictable and it was a very quick read. I hadn't read anything by the author before this book and I was impressed with the book. I was never able to predict what was going to occur next in the book. Twice a day at 3:59, two parallel universes are connected by a portal. Jo lives in a world where everything is just perfect and she is wealthy. Josie lives in a world where her parents are divorced, her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend, and her mom would prefer working on her experiments than spending time with her daughter. Josie and Jo are doppelgangers in parallel universes. Romance isn't necessarily a big part of the book but it has a bit of it, which you will totally be rooting for the specific couple! This book is a sci-fi/thriller with a bit of a dark twisty type of turn throughout the book and I loved it! You'll overall think that it is all about romance and love but as you read farther along it will pull you in and you won't want to set the book down. The ending made me cry and it was because I had so many feels for this book! I loved it and I loved that the author left it in a way that she could almost continue the story if she wanted to but without leaving us on a cliff hanger. So definitely a sequel, maybe, hopefully!

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