Monday, April 27, 2015

The 100 series

The 100 (Book 1 of 3) ISBN13: 9780316234474
So to start, I am a big fan of this book cover. It's lovely and I give it a 5 out of 5 because it is perfectly alligned with the book. Overall, I like the cover just as much as the newer T.V show cover.
I'm completely obsessed with this series at the moment. I like the show very much but the books are just that much better. The little love triangle between Bellamy, Wells, and Clarke is just perfect. I'm rooting for Bellamy and Clarke. So fingers crossed!! 100 criminals get sent to Earth with a chance of dying from radiation. Overall, there are multiple flashbacks/memories that the characters have to link back on important moments of their lives. Wells is in love with Clarke and they dated at one point but unfortunately he makes a terrible decision and breaks a very important secret Clarke tells him. Clarke had to keep a giant secret for her parents while innocent people's lives were in danger. Bellamy has a sister which is completely unheard of because in the space station they are only allowed to have one child but his mother broke the rules and got pregnant with Octavia. He does something unspeakable in order to go down to Earth in order to save his sister. There's Glass and Luke which are extremely adorable but so much drama between them. I'm rooting for their relationship. Let's see how it goes. I love it!

The 100: Day 21 (Book 2 of 3) ISBN13: 9780316234459
I really like the cover of the book. People falling out of the sky makes everyone freak out a bit but don't worry fellow readers!! These people did not fall out of the sky, I repeat, they did NOT fall out of the sky! They were just sort of sent to the ground in a type of spaceship/pod thing. No worries!
Kass Morgan is truly an amazing author. Her characters capture your heart and you are so anxious to know what is going to happen next through out the entire book! I couldn't put the book down at all because I had to know what was going to happen to these amazing characters. Clarke must reveal a very close kept secret that could make or break her relationship. This secret is HUGE! It has haunted her every single day since it occured. Wells has a flashback of his father and then realizes that the woman his father once loved prior to his mother had a child and Glass loses someone very important to her. This book was very easy to read. It was very diffiuclt to stop reading so just keep that in mind! 

The 100: Homecoming(Book 3 of 3) ISBN13: 9780316381963
I'm very sad it's over! It ended in a mixture of sadness and perfection. I'm a big fan of the books as well as the t.v series! I think the one thing that I was most excited about was all the romance between Clarke and Bellamy. The current season of the 100 on t.v ended in a way that just kind of have you a slight glimpse of a possibility of this couple. Overall, I am so much more excited for the book because their love is so real and it's amazing!!! Unfortunately, throughout this book it isn't filled with romance. There are deaths, people miraculously appear, and there are realizations that finally answer some questions from the beginning of the book. Bellamy must make a difficult decision, Wells has issues with his authority, many must put their grief aside, Glass must face the most difficult journey she's ever had to do, and Octavia must care for children like herself in the midst of  danger. I couldn't put this book down at all! I NEEDED to know what would happen next. I loved the way it ended but I would have loved to have more. Overall, I am a big fan of the book series. The entire series was very easy to read. The characters were perfection, the entire plot of the books was amazing, and the ending was perfect. It was sad at times due to deaths but the deaths that occured were necessary.  Happy reading!:)

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