Thursday, April 30, 2015

PART 2: Kissing Ted Callahan (and other guys)

Kissing Ted Callahan (and other guys) 
I've officially finished this amazing book! So to start, the book cover is pretty cute! It is very original and I love the total journal/doodling theme on the cover. When you read the book you'll totally understand. Anyways, I give this book a 5/5 stars for the cover. This book was just released this month (April) so get your hands on it as soon as possible so you can laugh and blush while reading this book. Honestly, the characters were completely adorable. Riley and Reid are really close friends because they caught their band mates, Nathan and Lucy, totally making out and what not. So they are all still in a band but Riley is totally mad at Lucy and chooses to be friends with Reid vs. being stuck with a "best friend" who isn't even telling you that they are messing around with a band mate. So basically Reid is totally smitten about this girl and Riley is really liking the awesome and amazing Ted Callahan. I'm totally crushing on his dorky, popular, and amazing personality. So the (and other guys) part of the title of the book is only two other guys. There's Garrick, Milo, and of course Ted. You'll absolutely love them all! So anyways, Riley and Reid decide to write their journey to love, sex, and whatever else in a journal. But.....during the book it goes missing ******SPOILER******and they are forced to tell everyone in the book what they wrote about them so that just in case  someone uses it to black mail them. So basically at this point Riley and Ted totally...Did It. Thankfully it wasn't written in the book that got lost! But while all the others that Riley wrote about are taking it soooo well. The super important one does not. Overall, I'm completely crushing on Ted because he's dorky and adorable. I love Riley because she's super awesome and basically a rock star. I constantly laughed because Amy Spalding writes her characters in the best way possible. You love all the characters and their issues. There is Reid who constantly needs to be reassured because he's so insecure, there's Ted who obviously needs no introduction, there's Riley the drummer, there's Nathan the one who thinks is in charge and is most likely Doing It with Lucy, and then there's Lucy who lost her best friend. So overall I would recommend to someone who loves reading YA, romance, and it based around high school ages. I love the book and I read it in less than two days because unfortunately I can't just sit on my sofa or bed because I have a job. Anyways, happy reading!

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